Male Incontinence: Heracle®

The main cause of male stress incontinence is prostatectomy. Following partial or total removal of the prostate, part of the urethra support muscle is missing, giving rise to urinary incontinence.


The Heracle® medical device is a shaped sling, with a wider central portion, and is recommended for treating slight or moderate stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in men.


The sling, which is woven in single-filament Polypropylene using quadriaxial technology, can be positioned in contact with the perineal body or the urethral bulb.
Tension is applied during surgery to lift the urethra and re-align it into its natural pre-prostatectomy position, at the same time providing support to the sphincter structures, which have partially compromised functionality.


The quadriaxial weave technology gives an isotropic mesh with elastic modulus that is almost identical under change in load direction, and also produces prostheses that are reinforced along the required direction.
Prostheses woven with quadriaxial technology are smooth, light, strong, and maintain their shape.


Heracle® has protective sheaths to facilitate passage through the tissue, and pre-assembled ring sutures for insertion into the eye of the Herniamesh introducer needle.
Surgical access to insert the device is at the surgeon’s discretion; however, the transobturator method is recommended as it is less invasive, and is the approach most widely used.


Code Description Dimensions Quantity
HC01* Sling to treat male urinary incontinence 1,1 x 45 cm 1 per box
* Available on request only


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