Characteristics and advantages

  • Herniamesh has developed and registered a patent application for an innovative quadriaxial technology which, used in conjunction with T-Sling PP, Uromesh PP, Pelvimesh anterior and Pelvimesh posterior products makes them unique and innovative.

    The quadriaxial weave technology gives an isotropic mesh with elastic modulus that is almost identical under change in load direction, and also produces prostheses that are reinforced along the required direction.

    Meshes woven with quadriaxial technology are light and strong.


    Pelvimesh anterior

    Pelvimesh posterior


  • Introducer needles

    Herniamesh introducer needles have an ergonomic grip and an eye for inserting the pre-assembled ring sutures on the Herniamesh slings.

    The curvature of the needle emulates anatomical profile, allowing safe entry through the tissue.

    With a full range of introducer needles available, the surgeon can choose between:

    Needles are sold as non-sterile, and should be sterilised in autoclave or by ethylene oxide, thereby achieving a considerable cost saving and reduction in waste, reducing impact on the environment.

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