Female urinary incontinence and vaginal vault suspension: T-Sling® PP

The La T-Sling® PP is indicated for:


T-Sling PP, in 100% monofilament Polypropylene, has protective sheaths to facilitate passage through the tissues and pre-assembled ring sutures for immediate insertion into the eye of the Herniamesh introducer needle.

The T-Sling PP TS11 doesn’t deform and doesn’t shrink because it is knitted by quadriaxial technology1; morerover, it is smooth, light, resistant and macroporous.


1. Patent pending


Code Description Dimensions Quantity
TS06 Support for vaginal vault suspension and for treatment of female urinary incontinence 45 x 1.1 cm 2 per box
TS11 Support, knitted by quadriaxial technology, for treatment of female urinary and for vaginal vault suspension 45 x 1.1 cm 2 per box

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