Characteristics of Herniamesh® Polypropylene meshes

The Herniamesh range for hernioplasty comprises various types of surgical prosthesis produced using mesh in single-filament non-absorbale Polypropylene (PP).

All meshes are gas sterilised (ethylene oxide), are single-use and cannot be re-sterilised.

The product validity is five years from the date on the pack.


Herniamesh meshes have the following characteristics:


  • high tensile strength;
  • ideal porosity to aid rapid fibroplast colonisation;
  • ideal rigidity for Trabucco technique inguinal hernioplasty;
  • anatomically correct design of preshaped meshes;
  • functional design of three-dimensional plugs;
  • no loss of mesh filaments or fraying when shaping;
  • the quadriaxial knitting technology gives an isotropic mesh with elastic modulus that is almost identical under change in load direction, and also produces prostheses that are reinforced along the required direction;
  • meshes knitted with quadriaxial technology are light, strong, and maintain their shape.

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