NeT Plug & Patch mesh

is a 6 x 11 cm symmetrical preformed mesh in monofilament Polypropylene. The prosthesis has a 1.5 cm diameter hole positioned 7 cm from the tip that, by extrusion, creates a soft, macro-porous plug with diameter 2.5 cm.

Since the plug is extruded from the mesh itself, the NeT Plug & Patch prosthesis is effectively an “all-in-one” device that totally eliminates the risk of plug migration.


NeT Plug & Patch is ideal for repairing indirect (lateral) inguinal hernia, for which the plug is positioned in the internal inguinal ring. Resting on the posterior inguinal canal, NeT Plug & Patch also prevents direct (medial) hernia.


NeT Plug & Patch can also be used after exploration of the internal inguinal ring following treatment of primitive direct hernia with reconstruction of the posterior inguinal wall by suture. Thus the NeT Plug & Patch also serves to prevent an indirect (lateral) hernia.


NeT Plug & Patch is also indicated for treatment of recurrent and crural inguinal hernia. In these cases, the flat portion of the prosthesis must be modelled to adapt to the area around the hole (or “defect”) into which the plug is inserted.

The NeT Plug & Patch prosthesis is fastened using fibrin glue or synthetic glue, taking care to firstly assure perfect adhesion of the edges of the extrusion around the edges of the defect, and then the rest of the prosthesis.


Code Description Dimensions Quantity
PT3H3PS-P NeT Plug & Patch: preformed mesh with three-dimensional plug and positioner 6 x 11 cm 1/per box
PT2/6-P NeT Plug: soft plug with a round base and positioner Ø 6 cm 1/per box


Card surgical NeT Plug & Patch

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