Three-dimensional Plug T®2

deal for repairing femoral hernias or recurrent inguinal hernias by open surgery, Plug T®2 offer significant advantages:

  • the rounded tip of the T2 Plug causes no blood vessel compression and adapts to all hernial defect dimensions;
  • the tip is connected to the base along the perimeter;
  • the base reinforces the tissues surrounding the defect and, as it is sutured, helps to prevent recurrences deriving from plug migration.

The Plug®T2 is also available with soft tip (Plug T®2s).


see application drawing


Code Description Dimensions Quantity
PT2/3 Small base Ø3 cm 2/per box
PT2/5 Medium base Ø5 cm 1/per box
PT2/7 Large base Ø7 cm 1/per box
PT2/3-H3* Soft tip, small base Ø3 cm 2/per box
PT2/5-H3* Soft tip, medium base Ø5 cm 1/per box
PT2/7-H3* Soft tip, large base Ø7 cm 1/per box
* Available on request only



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