Semi-absorbable mesh Hybridmesh®

is a partially absorbable prosthesis design for treating inguinal hernias.

Hybridmesh is a quadraxial* mesh co-knitted with 25% non-absorbable monofilament Polypropylene (PP) and 75% monofilament Polylactic acid (PLLA).

The prosthesis has a weight of 80 g/m2, with the Polylactic acid filaments giving the mesh the right level of rigidity for quick and easy positioning.

After that the Polylactic acid filaments are fully absorbed, the residual Polypropylene mass has a weight of just 20 g/m2, leaving a soft, light and comfortable mesh implant.


Advantages of the semi-absorbable mesh:

  • - highly manageable (easy positioning);
  • - thanks to its structure, Hybridmesh can be positioned without fixation (sutureless technique), reducing incidence of chronic pain;
  • - macro-porous structure allows for optimal fibroblastic infiltration (resulting in flexible rather than rigid scar tissue);
  • - minimal inflammatory reaction;
  • - allows for optimal tissue integration;
  • - retains structural stability even after partial absorption;
  • - gives patients maximum comfort.

Code Description Dimensions Quantity
PPL0410 Preformed mesh with hole 4,5 x 10 cm 1 per box
PPLA410 Preformed mesh without hole 4,5 x 10 cm 1 per box
PPL0511 Preformed mesh with hole 5 x 11 cm 1 per box
PPLA511 Preformed mesh without hole 5 x 11 cm 1 per box
PPL0611 Rectangular mesh 6 x 11 cm 1 per box
PPL05-R Round mesh

Ø 5 cm

1 per box


See application drawing

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