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In compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of 17 February 2010 and subsequent of 28/03/2013 and 20/12/2017, such information is addressed exclusively to specialized medical operators. Their consultation is carried out under the full responsibility of the user.


The products depicted in this section are medical devices. A medical provider must first determine whether use of these products is warranted for a given patient. Further, as with any medical device, there may be complications related to the use of these products. Therefore, the medical professional must carefully read the warnings, possible side effects, and contraindications written in the instructions booklet inserted in the box of each product, along with all pertinent medical literature, before proceeding to use the products. The medical provider must inform his or her patients of all potential risks associated with use of the product.


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Aiartex® Mattress Overlay


Aiartex® is a unique volumetric mattress overlay manufactured with Polyester, 0.9 cm thick, patented,  whose function is to improve loads distribution by reducing the pressure points and, at the same time, keep an areated skin and dry, preventing pressure ulcers, maceration and skin trophism.
The microventilation is guaranteed by the air space created inside the three-dimensional structure. Liquids and exudates are conveyed to the lower layer by capillarity and gravity through the space created by the transverse filaments. The comfort of the patient is ensured by the creation of a dry microclimate which is the result of the microventilation and by allowing drainage of exudates. Aiartex also contributes to improve the healing process in wound care.

Chronic Low Back Pain

The suspensory monofilaments that support the weight of the person in a differentiated manner, induce the maintenance of an anatomically correct posture during rest and act facilitating the relaxation of the muscles, in particular of those of the spine.

Aiartex® also has a moderate stiffness that allows natural movement during sleep. The high breathability and ventilation ensures comfort both in summer and in winter months.



Aiartex® can also be used with incontinent patients, interposing, between the patient and the mattress, a waterproof breathable fabric such as a sheet of Polyurethane, which allows to preserve the hygiene of the mattress without compromising its effectiveness.

Aiartex® can be washed by hand or with industrial washing machines; the fabric is not deformed or lose its properties.

The polymer fabric, Aiartex® is manufactured by the subsidiary, Tessitura Texsiva, in Udine, which makes the three-dimensional polyester material with a state-of-the-art loom manufactured in Germany. 



Code Dimensions Quantity
ATEX80-FR 80 x 190 cm 1/box
ATEX90-FR 90 x 195 cm 1/box


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